A hectic morning has just been spent running between wheelbuilders, bolt suppliers and the BIKEmagic workshop, to allow us to a get a ride out on the new Planet X Full Monty rear hub.It's unique in the mountainbike world, being the only singlespeed dirt jump hubset on the market.

Crafted out of aluminium in Sheffield, Yorkshire, the Full Monty rear hub runs a 20mm axle that bolts into the bike using wierdo 3/8 UNF allen key bolts. The result is a hub that's strong and stiff, and thanks (or is it due?) to its singlefreewheel builds into a wide-spaced rear wheel that's lots stronger than anything else out there.

Of course it means you've only got one gear, or maybe three if you use some sort of chaintensioner and a triple up front, but when you're going for strength and simplicity somethings got to compromise somewhere (just like Sunny Delight).

You can notice the increase in stiffness of the rear wheel in landing situations and also in off-cambers. There seemed to be an increase in power transfer, but that's probably nonsense that we're imagining, as all well built wheels should transfer the power evenly.

Price is a hefty £150 for a pair of hubs, bolts and an allen key. You'll have to supply your own screw on BMX freewheel.

Ideal for dirt jumpers who are fed up of breaking rear mechs and want to return to the simple life. Also good for hardcore singlespeed riders who want a hub that will last, and aren't too bothered about saving the grammes (not that it's heavy - weight coming later).

Website: www.planet-x-bikes.com