Launched last year, the Stroker range of disc brakes is Hayes's latest offering, an entirely new hydraulic disc brake design from the company that hung onto the venerable Mag for possibly too long.

Initially the new brake was available in three variations, the entry-level Ryde, mid-price point Trail and blingin’ Carbon, but has followed their release with the launch of two additional designs.

For the weight conscious, the Gram is the firm’s new lightweight XC brake weighing just 355g per end. And for the all-mountain/freeride riders there's the Ace, a four-piston caliper design that provides a considerable increase in power, weighing a not-unreasonable 431g.

While borrowing much of the design of the currently available Stroker models, Hayes has redesigned the master cylinders to achieve less weight and in the case of the Ace, a longer lever with a more prominent hooked end to the blade.


At the business end, the Gram uses aluminium-backed pads and titanium bolts to shed a few grams, while the forged one-piece caliper body of the Ace gets ‘look at me’ red bore plugs. These brakes have been in development and testing since the launch of the first Stroker brakes last year.

We’ve only got these pre-production photos at the moment, keep an eye on www.hayesdiscbrake.com for further details.