The shifts are precise, effortless, but only seven speed. The air tank is huge, with only 400 shifts per full canister, but the great thing is that you can refill them with your track pump (or a garage compressor if you are feeling lazy).

If you are looking from a weekend racer point of view, no.

Shifting like this would be great, but at a price where you could buy a sorted full sus rig, not everyone's cup of tea. The price of these units could be anything over £1800, the price has not been set yet, but that is the price that Shimano UK are looking at.

The system is great, refillable canister, 7 speed cassette and chain,Rear mech, shifters (one on left hand, the other on right), but the only problem I could see was the hoses. Flimsy or what! Riding these on the turbo trainer provided is an education, they did the bike justice (Orange Patriot), but a toy that I would definatly leave to the pros, or the loaded.