Following a deal struck with Madison, Gamut USA products will now be available in the UK. Madison CEO Dominic Langan says: "Gamut is definitely a brand on the ascendancy with a great reputation already established for such a young company. With sponsored riders such as Ben Reid and Greg Minnaar riding for them this season, we’re going to see some great results for this brand which further strengthens our growing position in this sector of the market."

UK downhiller Ben Reid says: "When I first got a Gamut Chain Guide I must admit I was a little unsure as to whether it would actually keep my chain on the ring, and keeping your chain on the ring is kind of a big deal. I just thought it was too simple to work, I mean I must have fitted it to the bike in about five minutes! However three seasons later through mud and rough, the very same guides have not let me down once and also what ever the bash ring is made from is incredible stuff. So what you have here is the most simple and light guide out there that keeps a chain on a sprocket through any conditions."

Gamut USA produces a range of chain devices covering all popular fitting systems and for DH, freeride, 4X and street riding. More at and