29ers are all the rage these days. Even Kinesis are getting in on them, and we have to admit at being impressed with the prototype we got to ride recently.

Dom Mason is the designer responsible for all the Kinesis frames in the range and the P29er is his latest creation. He's kept him busy for most of the year, he tells us, and is still scratching his head and stroking his chin on the final numbers on this frame, before it heads into production early next year.

We trucked on down to Upgrade Bikes gaff recently and got the skinny on this new bike. There’s currently three protos being ridden by an elite crack squad around the firms local trials and further afield. Before the numbers settle like balls falling out of the lottery machine for the geometry and tube lengths, we were let loose on a sample around the Brighton trails in a night ride with a few of the guys.

And you can read our first ride report next week, when we’ll have a full story and an interview with Dom in which we picked his brains on the whole 29er movement.