GT is bringing the Xizang, an iconic frame from the 90s, back for 2012 after a decade-long absence from the range.

Its part of GT’s grand plan to rebuild the brand back to something resembling the glory it once enjoyed over ten years ago, and the Xizang, they decided, had to figure in those plans.

When they were deciding how best to bring back the Xizang, the GT designers decided to imagine what the frame would have looked like if it had never gone out of production. The result, the Xizang 9'r, is something that is instantly recognisable yet thoroughly modern in its interpretation.

One key change sees the frame reborn as a 29er, a decision GT says is based on the type of customer they feel will buy the frame. Custom drawn butted titanium tubes are beautifully welded, with modern touches including the bang up-to-date geometry, tapered head tube and post mount disc fittings.

Available now the frame costs £1699.99.