We're often describing new bike parts as "shiny", but to be honest most of them are either satin, matte or just plain dull. These new Formula Greg Minnaar Replica Oro brakes, though, are proper shiny. We've seen brakes this sparkly before, but they've been one-off custom-polished jobs.

Not that the Minnaar Oros will be all that thick on the ground. There'll be just 250 sets of these worldwide, which isn't all that many. The World Cup Champion apparently chose Formula brakes to race on after extensive testing, and with Honda's engineers involved too you can bet that all the potential brakes went through the mill.

The new brake is based on the Oro K24, but with a new forged, black-finished one-finger lever blade, new sintered pads and Kevlar-reinforced hose. Plus of course that polished and lacquered finish and laser-etched "GM" logos.

They're a fair bit more expensive than the K24s upon which they're based - a brake and caliper will be £159.95 and you'll need another £20-25 on top of that for rotors and mount adaptors (depending on what size rotor - choose from 160, 180 or 200mm). That's still a bit cheaper than the top-of-the-range Oro Pura with its carbon fibre levers, though.

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