Less weight for Marzocchi's new forks

These here are the new Marzocchi Corsa Super Leggera forks, and are the result of the Italian company taking them back to the drawing board and completely redesigning them to be the lightest Marzocchi fork for years.

A year was spent examining in detail every single component of the fork, optimising each part via finite element analysis to produce a 1.49kg (3.28lbs) 80/100mm travel fork. A new low pressure AER air system has developed with a fixed piston in the closed cartridge to reduce weight because less oil is needed.

Also redesigned is the TST Micro damping system. The threshold valve can be adjusted via a top-mounted dial while redound and compression can also be adjusted, and there's a remote bar-mounted lockout lever.

Attention has also be given to the external parts, with a new Magnesium lowers, 32mm nickel alloy stanchions and 9mm drop-outs.

Price is £569.95 and they come with a 3 year warranty (with no service stipulations). Available in limited edition red or white.