SRAM Quarq power measuring cranks now available for mountain bikers. Power measuring is big news in the road cycling market, but until now there’s been few options for mountain bikers who want to measure their watts when riding.

That's about to change, as SRAM has now released an off-road version of its Quarq crank-based power meter. SRAM purchased the company Quarq earlier this year, and initially launched with a range of road products. It's good to see them taking mountain biking seriously and catering for those racers and riders who want to take their training to the next level.

It uses a SRAM X0 chainset as its platform, with carbon arms reducing weight, and the Quarq device is mounted to the spider.


ANT+ wireless technology transmits all the data, which is achieved by a series of strain gauges along the spider with a magnet on the frame, to a compatible computer like Garmin’s Edge 800.

GXP and BB30 bottom bracket options will be available, and we’ve been quoted a weight of 814g for the former. 2x10 options will include 39/26 and 42/28.