Although the ideology of designer brake rotors has been used frequently by the Hope Technology, the design on these rotors are completely bizarre. The company believes in individuality and flourish, which is why these components are so expressive, because they feel that their components project the lifestyle connected to the heart and soul of mountain biking.

The consequence of individuality comes in the form of variety, which is why Dirty Dog has such a range of diverse rotor styles. Furthermore the company has expanded its range from developing three rotor designs in 2005 to four laser cut rotors and a one stamped rotor, and now includes a skull bucket cable guide and a reaper stem!

The company is rapidly developing and becoming increasingly diverse. Now I am confident in the judgement that there are quite a few riders who are desperate to make their bike stand out to the rest, and Dirty Dog offers this gateway to individuality. Anyone who possesses some of these rotors will stand out from the crowd and will be ‘cool’ in doing so. However the company is not here to mess around; the rotors are advertised on being light, fast and strong!

However as briefly mentioned earlier, the company is certainly not here just to be admired, as the company uses quality materials, and are fabricated using state of the art manufacturing processes.

Sizes available include 160mm, 185mm and 203mm.