We brought you a sneak peak of Crank Brothers's new "mid-platform" pedal the other week, and now some further pertinent details have emerged. Which is handy, as before we only knew what was obvious from looking at them - they fit betwen the bijou Candy and chunky Mallet pedals and the posh ones have carbon fibre bits on.

The useful stuff is as follows. The new pedal is called the Acid, and will come in two versions. The Acid 1 will feature an aluminium and nylon composite body, will be available in green or grey, weighs 395g/pr and will cost £84.99. The Acid 2 will have a body of magnesium and carbon fibre and will presumably cost a bit less than 395g/pr although that seems to be one piece of information that we lack. Anyway, clearly it'll be lighter, and naturally it's more expensive - £154.99.

Both versions will be available to shops through Crank Brothers's UK distributor 2Pure (www.2pure.co.uk).