The new tyres are called Gravity, and they're essentially a pumped-up version of the Vapor. The "official" size is 57mm wide, which by our calculations makes it more of a 2.25in than a 2.3in. As is traditional, it looks narrower than some people's 2.3s (or indeed 2.25s...) but like the 2.3in Vertical what it lacks in width it makes up for in profile. It achieves it's sizable volume by being quite tall. The tread itself uses the same GravityArc design as the Vapor, but with bigger, deeper and slightly more closely-space blocks.

This is the Continental Gravity ProTection, with Kevlar beads and DuraSkin sidewall reinforcement at a claimed weight of 650g. There's also a Pro without the DuraSkin, but it only saves 20g. Or you can add weight with the 730g UST version (but you don't need a tube...). Finally there's a budget steel-bead Gravity which comes in at 740g. No prices as yet, but we'd expect them to be not dissimilar to the Vapor prices.

Deliveries are expected in October, so we'll go and give this pair (the only ones in the UK at the moment) a good pasting and report back. In the meantime, visit or call 01970 626777 for your local dealer and more information.