Saddle shape is very much a matter of personal choice, but we’re willing to bet the Charge Knife will suit most people. Its rounded shape, generous yet firm padding and keen price makes it a contender if you’re in the market for a new saddle.

The Charge Knife saddle isn't as uncomfortable as its name might suggest

Based on the popular Spoon, a slimmed-down profile and less padding reduces the weight down to 219g which is knocking on the door of some very expensive lightweight saddles. Luckily, they’ve kept the same shape as the original (the Spoon) and that means it’s still a very comfortable place to plant your sit bones.

The broad rear section, gentle curve and light depression along the centre and finally a wide nose makes it supremely comfortable. We’ve done 12-hour races on this saddle with not a saddle sore to report. Some people might point out that there’s no central recessed channel, but we’ve ridden this back to back with such saddles and noticed no lack of comfort.


With a Nylon-Fibre base, titanium alloy rails and the loss of the underside plastic bumpers, the Knife is light at just 219g. That puts it in the company of much more expensive saddles. So plenty light enough, and smart looking, for even the most expensive bike builds.

It’s sold in three colours; brown, black and white, we’ve been testing the latter. We had concerns about how long it would remain white, but the upper scrubs up well and a squirt of Muc-Off removes any stubborn dirt.


Outstandingly comfortable, light and available in a choice of colours, the Knife is a top saddle.


Very comfortable


Reasonable price


It’s £35 more than the Spoon

Price: £59.99

More information: Charge Knife

Employing the same renowned shape as the multi award winning Spoon saddle, the Knife features a flexible nylon base that allows less foam padding to be used while maintaining a fantastic level of comfort, hollow Ti alloy rails and a lower profile to combine the comfort of the Spoon with the weight of a race saddle… only 210g.