New Science disc brake pads now available

Nukeproof has released its new Science disc brake pads.

Tested for the last year by their team, the new pads are made in Japan and feature a semi-metallic compound available in three blends to suit different riding conditions.

The Enduro pads offer higher performance for riders that like to use their brakes hard and need more durability, while the DH pads are for high speed racers scrubbing off speed on a run needing power, consistence and control. All pads feature steel back plates for heat dissipation.

Trail pads - £14.99 (Good initial bite, very short bed-in time and low noise).

Enduro pads - £17.99 (Strong initial bite, fade resistant and low noise).

DH pads - £19.99 (High heat resistance, superior performance in wet and dry conditions and strong and consistent braking over wide range of speeds).

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