Written by Steven Turner

Californian-based Aventon’s latest track-style street frame, the Aventon DIAMOND, is here just in time for Summer.

What they say: Aventon’s new track-style Diamond aluminium frame weighs in at 3.5lbs, and comes complete with a custom carbon fork and seatpost set.

What it is: Californian-based Aventon’s latest track-style street frame is here just in time for Summer, and what an addition it is to the company’s already robust line of entry level track builds.


Additionally the Diamond frame comes complete with a carbon fork and matching carbon seatpost, designed specifically for the frame’s unique geometry. Both pieces are great additions to the set and provide a tight, uniform aesthetic without adding additional weight or for that matter cost.

The colour sets are worth noting too, with the Diamond available in a pearl white and matte black, punctuated with celeste and orange detailing respectively, giving it a sleek look without being too gaudy. There is no doubt that the Aventon crew has a firm place in the world of urban cycling, they really ‘get it’, and with the Diamond they’ve produced a quality racing-style bike frame that is robust and aesthetically unique. Put it on the buy list.

Who it's good for: Street riders looking for a stylish, track-style ride without compromise.