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Hay Bike Festival 2014

A few weeks back we headed over to the beautiful little Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye. To visit the Hay Bike Fest.

Original Freedom - Bikes and Jeeps

Check out this cool video from the guys at Jeep who have realised the potential of using MTB in their advertisements...

It's Cold Oop North (In Wales)

We took the opportunity to hit some trails new to us up in North Wales.

Product Recall: Tektro Spyre

Tektro have just issued a product recall of the Spyre and Spyre SLC mechanical disc brake calipers.

Full Film: A Racer's Dream

Following a build up of teasers, pre-releases, trailers and photos, the full length film from the Hutchinson UR Team is here in all it's glory.

Even Santa Loves riding bikes!

Check out this video of Santa on his pre present giving ride!

Brendan Fairclough's POV Over a Huge Rampage Gap

Ride along with Brendawg as he lands the massive chasm gap he was unable to attempt in 2012.

More Spaces for the Trans Savoie 2014

10 more spaces have just been opened up for the 2014 Trans-Savoie...

Our Process: The Lunch Ride

Nothing beats a decent lunch time ride, the guys at Yeti do as well and have released this video of their lunch time ride...

Trail Riding in Israel

Check out this sweet trail riding video from the Negev desert.

Tom Wheeler - Peaks Of Life

There are some truly inspirational people in the world, one of those people is Tom Wheeler, check out this documentary of his road to recovery...

Rene Wildhaber - Trail Riding in British Columbia

Check out this inspiring edit from Rene Wildhaber riding some of the best trail spots in BC.

Transpyrenees Hardstyle - Episode 3: The Sacred Mount Canigó

A project about mountain biking, adventure, personal growth and product development. Here's Episode 3.

Entries for the Scottish Enduro Series are now open

Entries for the first round of the Scottish Enduro Series at the Nevis Range on the 22nd - 23rd of February are now open!

Scottish Enduro Series 2014 - Dates and Locations

For the dates and locations of all of the Scottish Enduro Series, click here.

Martyn Ashton - Road Bike Party 2

Here's the latest film for the trials bike legend Martyn Ashton, Road Bike Party 2.

Dear Motorists...

In recent years there has been a staggering amount of accidents between cyclists and motor vehicles, which have ended in the cyclists fatality.

Video: The Hard Way

Check out this sweet little video of some hardtail shredding, from the guys at Whyex Productions...

Video: Enduro - Stepping up

Follow some of the top enduro racers through the first couple of rounds of the Enduro World Series...

Aurélien Fontenoy - Above the Wall

Above the Wall is a video where balance and vertigo are the keywords.