Keeping your bike running smoothly should be top of the list. After all, you've spent what is probably a large sum of hard-earned money on your new prized possession, but we've lost count of the bikes we've seen with chains in desperate need of some oil.

White Lightning Clean Ride lube

The product's real neat trick is how it cleans your chain during use. Yes that's right, it actually cleans your chain when you're riding. Any built-up dirt simply flakes off with little bits of wax. In use it works rather well, our chain was noticeably cleaner after several rides compared to another test bike upon which we applied a wet lube.

It's a little tricky to apply. For best results it needs to be applied to a clean chain. Then there's the milky consistency which, if you're not careful, will have your kitchen floor covered in white lube. It's also not that long-lasting - we had to frequently reapply - so if you prefer to lube-and-forget, this isn't the product for you. If you're prepared to apply frequently, you'll be rewarded with a cleaner chain. Good job it comes in a large 240ml size bottles then.


For keeping your chain clean, provided you’re happy with the tricky application, Clean Ride is to be recommended. The secret is the frequent application required for good longevity. Great for those who don’t want to clean their chains.

£9.99 for a 240ml bottle //