When the going gets tough and you're in need of a quick energy fix, sometimes there's little worse then trying to force down a sweet, sickly gel. Sponser, the Swiss nutrition brand, have responded by adding a salty flavoured gel to their range.

The gel, which Sponser say is the first of its kind in the UK, sits alongside the existing Liquid Energy Gel in the company’s range. The new savoury gel will come in a 40g sachet promising "slow and fast burning carbohydrate energy sources."

The gel contains a mix of isomalulose and barley fibres, which Sponser say contain beta-glucans to prevent a rapid sugar spike, although is does contain less energy than Sponser’s glucose-based Liquid Energy Gel (984kJ per 100g compared to 1275kJ).

"The slightly salty taste is a change from the conventional sweet energy gels on the market, and provides a new option for riders," Sponser told us.

The gel is available from www.sponseruk.com and costs 99p per sachet or £38.99 for a box of 40.