Written by David Guest.

You won’t need to pump iron to be able to pump up your tyres to the correct pressure with the powerful and striking Specialized Air Tool HP floor pump.

Designed to reach high pressure with minimal effort, the HP requires 30% less effort to reach 100psi in a 700c tyre.

What it is: For some, bike maintenance is almost as important as riding itself. For others, its an arduous but necessary chore that enables you to stay safe and enjoy your cycling. Whichever camp you sit in, the Specialized Air Tool HP floor pump will help make an essential part of bike maintenance an near effortless process.

The first few times you use this pump, you may be in danger of over-inflating your tyres, due to just how easy it is to reach high pressures. 100psi in a 700c tyre can be reached with an estimated less effort than a regular floor pump, according to Specialized, but it feels even easier than that!

Thankfully that over-inflation alluded to earlier is very unlikely thanks to the clear and accurate pressure display at the base of the pump, which displays in both Bar and PSI. The pump also features covered foot plates, a lightweight aluminium tube and an ergonomic handle – all of which further add to the ease of use.


One final thing worth noting is that the pump is supplied with an adaptor that allows you to add air pressure to suspension units too – now that is serious pumping power.

Who it's good for: Any garage or other cycling haven should consider this pump. It’s particularly good for road cyclists but can also be used on MTB specific applications such as suspension.