Introduced last year, the Strike represents the company’s latest full face helmet in a range that extends to six models. SixSixOne have been producing helmets and other protective clothing since we can’t remember when, and have always been popular for quality products at reasonable prices.

The Strike continues this theme. It clearly follows the trend to take inspiration from moto-cross helmets, but thankfully to avoid a sweaty mess there’s a good splattering of vents around the chinguard, top and lower back of the helmet. They provide enough cooling air to deliver an acceptable level of coolness.

The shell is made from an injection moulded polycarbonate material which accounts for the higher weight compared to lighter (but more expsensive) alternatives. Though we didn’t have the pleasure to find out ourselves, it happily meets meets CE and CPSC standards so should cope fine in the event of a crash.

Inside an EPS foam inner liner makes the Strike a comfortable place to put your head. And despite the lack of a retention device, it didn't move around while riding. Visibility is adequate, and there's little intrusion into the peripheral vision - the narrow visor helps. The visor adjustable vertically and is held in place with nice aluminium screws.

Available in three colours and sizes from XS to XL.

Ups and downs

Positives: Good price, looks, choice of colours, comfortable, looks more expensive

Negatives: A little heavy


A helmets job is a simple one; protect your head in the event of a crash, avoid boiling your head, and to an extent, look good while taking care of the two previous points. Throw in the bargain price of the Strike helmet, and you've got a winner. It straddles the balance between weight, ventilation and price just perfectly, offering a great helmet for those who want affordable protection.


Performance: 4/5

Value: 5/5

Overall: 4/5