enduroguard 3

Inexpensive, light and simple mudguard that makes quite a bit of difference in the mud

Price: £8.99

What they say: The RapidRacerProducts Enduroguard is a simple lightweight mudguard that offers excellent protection for you and your suspension components. Available in a variety of colours to suit any bike.

What it is: The EnduroGuard is a simple, inexpensive and highly effective mudguard that easily fits most mountain bikes. It’s a flexible piece of plastic with an arrangement of holes and you use the supplied zip ties to attach the mudguard to the fork crown. It’s really that simple to fit, and takes all of five minutes. The sides of the mudguard extend lower and neatly provide a bit of protection for the fork seals, and the front extends to provide a bit more protection from front wheel spray, which is a nice touch.

enduroguard 4

Who it’s good for: As for mud and water protection, the Enduroguard does a really good job at keeping the crap out of your face. It’s more effective than a downtube mounted mudguard, but it’s not quite as good as a moto-style full-length mudguard. The Enduroguard strikes a happy balance, keep the worst out of your face, and benefits from being very light so you can simply leave it on the bike all of the time, which in the UK is no bad thing.

Contact: www.rapidracerproducts.com