It seems like ages ago that Torq first surprised the BM taste buds with the release of the rather tasty Torq Bars, and since then the company has gone onto release an impressive range of products designed to make you ride faster.

Since we reported on the launch of Torq’s new gel lineup last year, the company has been busy in the lab and added a new product designed to help you recover faster. Torq Recovery is a “…highly advanced post-exercise nutritional formulation designed to repair, recharge and refuel fatigued muscle tissue after heavy exercise."

Torq Recovery ingredients include Glucose Polymers, Fructose and Whey Protein Isolate to ensure the body quickly absorbs the carbohydrate and re-stocks depleted glycogen stores. D-Ribose, HMB and L-Gltamine and a blend of vitamins and minerals work together to repair muscle damage following a ride, and no artificial colours or sweeteners are used.

Available in Chocolate Orange or Banana and Mango flavours, and in 500g, 1.5kg or 3kg tubs.