Purple Harry is a new British company specialising in bike cleaning and lube products. By combining a cleaner and degreaser in one product it makes for a very effective cleaner, cuts down on bike cleaning time and deals with even the most stubborn dirt, oil and mud.

Purple Harry Cleaner and Degreaser.

Washing and cleaning the mountain bike becomes a frequent chore at this time of year. I’ve been washing my bike after every single ride recently. Anything that reduces the washing time is a good thing then, and by combining a cleaner and degreaser into one spray the Purple Harry makes the job of cleaning the bike a little less of a chore.

After dowsing the bike, caked in mud after a ride around the Forest of Dean the other weekend, using the adjustable nozzle, I took a bucket of warm water and a brush and a little scrubbing later the entire bike was clean. It brings the frame back to a shiny gloss and makes a good impression on the drivetrain - it particularly does a good job of removing the most stubborn dirt from the cassette and where the dirt builds up around the jockey wheels.

Purple Harry Cleaner and Degreaser


A good cleaner that copes with the muddiest bikes well.

Our Bike Degreaser and Cleaner is a non-aerosol all in one cleaner and degreaser. Spray on sparingly and wash off for a quick and easy post-ride clean, or more liberally and use in conjunction with Purple Harry's Bike Floss for degreasing drive train and thoroughly cleaning specific components. Simple, effective and inexpensive

Price: £7.99

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