Pace are well known for their finely crafted, handmachined parts made specifically for them. This is different. This is a stock air-pump with a Pace sticker on it. Thankfully, it's a very good quality unit, and they've achieved such a good price on them that there's no internet-secret-place I can point you where you can get them cheaper.

Pace needed a shock pump in their range for their Airforce fork, and also for the "air assist" on the Evo series of forks. This compact unit has a plastic syringe pump has a low pressure rating - it's only rated up to 100psi, and so allows you to very accurately set the pressure on your forks. It's about three or four times as accurate as using a high pressure shock pump at the lower end of its pressure rating, and in a fork where you're only adding 5-10psi to tune things, or fine tuning using 5psi either way, this is important.

It's got a bleed valve thing fitted - kind of a schrader valve head stuck up out of the pump body which allows you to bleed off excess pressure. It's light and durable enough to carry about with you.

All up an excellent product which any owner of any low pressure forks should have.

Price: £35.95