Written by David Guest

Display your bike safely and proudly with the larger version of PRO’s durable and reliable bike stand.

What they say: Floor-mounted and stable, the PRO bike stand only asks that you gently raise and lower the rear of the bike to place it in the stand.

PRO 29er Bike Stand
Wall mounts are all well and good, but sometimes you don’t necessarily have the space or permission to drill holes into the walls of your abode to have them. For these people (and those too lazy to lift their bike up to a wall mount) there is the PRO 29er bike stand.

The main selling point of this particular model is that it has some extra height, meaning it will comfortably hold a 29" or 700c wheeled-bike. The lengthier arms of the fully-steel stand feature rubberised protection zones, which mean that your two-wheeled pride and joy will suffer no scratches courtesy of being held. Simply lift your bike’s rear end up and place the non-drive side axel into the stand and you’re done – it really is that easy. And it definitely makes your bike more of a talking point, displaying it in a more aesthetically pleasing way than many other stands we’ve experienced. Let’s be honest, we all like to look at our bikes, almost as much as we like to ride them.

The 29er feels solid and has a good weight to it, giving you some piece of mind in terms of stability. It also features rubber feet on the underside in each corner of the base, so it could be used on a laminate flooring or other delicate surface with no fear of unintentional scuffing.

Who it's good for: Though designed for 29" wheeled MTBs, the stand is versatile and almost any bike can be used with it. Very useful for those without room for, or inclination to have, a wall mount.