Poc is a Scandinavian company and their forte is protective armour for the ski market but with the release of the new Poc Cortex helmet it’s turning its attention and experience to the mountain bike sector.

What makes the Poc Cortex helmet interesting is a design that boasts light weight and toughness at the same time. They’ve achieved this by using an Aramid (the stuff commonly found in body armour) barrier between the external carbon shell and the in-mould liner, the overall bulk of the helmet can be reduced thus keeping the weight down.

Ventilation is catered for with the unique double overlapping shell design which channels air around the helmet, with several vents dotted around. There’s a large adjustable visor and generous padding inside. A cheaper fiberglass shell version, the Cortex Flow, is also available.

Expect to see more from this company. Find out more at www.pocsports.com.