Oakley has raised the bar once again. The new RadarLock combines everything we loved about the Radar (great coverage, fit, simplicity) with the easy lens interchangeability of the Jawbone.

Using a neat hinge mechanism, called Switchlock in Oakley speak, the one-piece lens can be easily removed and replaced with another. Switching lenses in the Radar was possible but it was far from straightforward, so the new approach is a welcome step forward.

Removal of the lens is a cinch, far easier than the frame bending required of the Radar. Push the lock-latch, a spring-loaded button, on the inside of the hinge, remove the lens, fit a new lens, close the lock again. Done. Simple and pain free, and quicker too.

And with 12 lenses to choose from, including Black Iridium, G30 and Persimmon, pretty much every lighting situation is catered for. Path or the larger Pitch lens shape is available. Oakley supplies a nice hard protective case, cleaning cloth, spare nose pieces and a second lens with each RadarLock.

And some official blurb from Oakley: “Radarlock is composed of durable, lightweight O Matter and features the all-day comfort of a perfect Three-Point Fit. Unobtainium components increase grip with perspiration, and multiple interchangeable nose pads provide a secure, customizable fit. All that comfort, performance and protection comes with the convenience of a simple switch mechanism that lets athletes install an alternate lens in seconds, including HD Polarized optics—the best polarized lenses on the planet."

£195 from http://uk.oakley.com/