George Hincapie showing off the new Racing Jackets

Bike companies like to use big events to slip their latest product developments into the public arena, and Oakley chose a couple of racers in the Tour de France to reap the fruits of its labours.

The Oakley Racing Jacket has been updated and has been spotted on the heads of just two riders in the big race around France, and unless you’ve been following the race the names Thor Hushovd and George Hincapie won’t mean much to you.

The Racing Jackets these two riders have been wearing are still in the prototype stage, but we do know that the redesigned Racing Jackets will utilise a new nifty lens mount system that is claimed to allow quick and easy swapping of lens and the frames sport a completely new look.

Release is scheduled for spring 2009. We’ll bring you more information when we know more.