Available in shops from 1 May, the new Jawbones feature a novel ‘SwitchLock’ frame design that makes it easy to change lenses to suit the conditions without having to handle the lenses too much and getting fingerprints all over them.

SwitchLock works by the lower section of the frame hinging open via the pivot at the side of the frame, making swapping lenses a very simple job. Once in place, a ‘suspension system’ ensures any shocks through the frame don't disturb the optical quality of the lens.

The frames are made from Oakley’s O Matter for low weight and high durability, with Unobtanium rubber arm sleeves to keep them securely in place. There’re eight frame colours and lens tint combinations to choose from, including the Retina Burn with Black Iridium Vented lenses which Armstrong has been racing in.

"Oakley's eyewear is always on the leading edge of performance and style," says Brian Lopes, "and Jawbone is no exception. The new system makes changing lenses super easy. The comfort and protection are second to none."

£179.99 to £239.99 depending on the lens option.