Released especially for the Tour de France, the new limited edition Oakley Echelon range is a nod towards the high tech equipment of the pro peloton, the crazy light carbon frames designed in wind tunnels in a race that can be won by a handful of seconds.

The Jawbone and Radar shades are complete with a True Carbon finish on the frames, a "high salute to the carbon fibre technology that creates insanely lightweight bikes for the pro peloton," the company boldly claims.

Both come fitted with Photochromatic lenses, with the Jawbone lenses complete with vents to avoid misting up in the heat of the action. Also available if you choose the dual-lens kits are the Transitions lenses, which adapt to the current level of light saving you from having to swap out the lenses before every ride.

The Echelon Radar cost £205 and the Echelon Jawbone £250. Both go on sale today and are available in stores or online at www.oakley.co.uk.