Latest Oakley's celebrate early BMX riders

Each set comes with three lenses

The newly released Oakley BMX Chrome Collection celebrates "chromed bikes of kids who became today's champions" says the company, and will be available at Cycle Surgery and Harrods only.

"This exclusive design honors that history and the young riders who became the champions of today. Bikes from the early days shined with chrome, so we chose BMX Chrome for the sunglass. Those young riders plastered stickers on their bikes, and we're celebrating all that color by including three rich lens hues and three sets of matching earsocks.

"This design salutes the era that stoked some of the most adrenalin-pumping sports today, and to the kids who couldn't wait to push through the wind and lay down their own tracks."

The collection includes the Jawbone and Radar designs, with the unique BMX Chrome frame and each comes with Jade Iridium, Violet Iridium and Red Iridium lenses. Each set also includes matching earsocks.

You'll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on a set, only 100 of each will be brought into the UK, and presently only Cycle Surgery and Harrods will be selling them.