There's little worse than a stinky base layer. In fact, there's nothing worse than riding with someone who's wearing a stinky base layer.

BaseFresh is designed to deodorise base layers and improve wicking

Base layers get a lot of use over the winter months and, no matter how many times you wash them, can develop a nasty odour which is hard to get rid of. Nikwax reckon they've solved the problem with BaseFresh.

In short, BaseFresh is designed to deodorise base layers. It also claims to improve wicking performance as regular detergents can be too aggressive when washing technical fabrics, which also contributes to odour build-up.

"BaseFresh keep base layers smelling better, and users more comfortable, allowing them to better enjoy their time outdoors," said Nikwax founder and CEO Nick Brown.

BaseFresh will hit the shops in November and will retail at £3.49 for 300ml, £8.99 for one litre and £29.99 for five litres.