We've been constantly impressed with the products coming out of the Lezyne factory over the past couple of years since they first launched, with their line of track pumps being of particular note.

Dirt Floor Drive track pump

The latest Dirt Floor Drive solves a problem familiar to anyone who has ever tried (and struggled) to inflate a tubeless tyre, by providing twice the volume of air than a standard track pump with each stroke. Should mean a lot less frantic pumping to get the tyre bead to seat.

It’s visibly different to the regular track pumps in the Lezyne range, with a much larger barrel and a longer hose. The same Flip-Thread Chuck is used and is Presta and Schrader compatible. Several versions are available, with prices start from £50.

Travel Floor Drive


Every time I load the car up with bikes and kit and head for the trails, I’ll invariably stuff a track pump into the boot as well. It’s a bit of a faff taking a full-size track pump however, and this is where Lezyne’s nifty Travel Floor Drive comes in.

It’s designed to the same high standard as Lezyne’s regular full-size track pumps but is a much more portable size. It’s designed with a low profile so it won’t take up much space in your car, or even in your holdall if you’re taking the train or plane.

It’s built from the outset to be light too, with all parts CNC-machined from aluminium. It still features a pressure gauge, rated to 160psi, on the two-foot stand, and is even supplied with a logo-ed bag to keep it in. £79.99.

Check out www.lezyne.com and www.upgradebikes.co.uk for more info.