Mavic, traditionally a wheel manufacturer, shocked the world when it launched a range of clothing and shoes several years ago, and 2012 sees the continuation of that diversification with a new helmet.

It’s undeniably a road helmet but a clip-on visor gets the mountain bike thumbs-up. Which is a good thing as a there’s a lot to like. Helmet technology has accelerated at a rapid rate in recent years with the weight continuing to drop, but Mavic has instead focused on fit and feel.

The three helmet range was three years in development, and involved 25,000 heads being measured to ensure the helmet would be the most comfortable available. Out of that research a retention system, Ergo Hold, with a huge six centimetres of adjustment was designed, more than any other out there.

This combines with a helmet shape that reduces pressure points on the head, and the dual-density X-Static antimicrobial technology padding further increases the level of comfort.


Mavic will offer three helmets, the Plasma SLR at the top-end followed by the Plasma and the entry-level Syncro. The SLR gets a carbon fibre internal reinforcement with large air vents. No UK prices yet but in the US they’re starting at $125 and rising to $250.

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