The new wrappers are made from wood pulp, a renewable resource, which originate from non-genetically modified sources that have certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), or a regional environmental body.

They wrappers are designed for home or industrial composting. Don’t worry, the new NatureFlex wrappers won’t biodegrade on the shop shelf in your kitchen cupboard. The wrappers require the right conditions for the process to begin, and that means the warmth, moisture and presence of micro-organisms to get the process going.

The wrappers are designed to be composted, but if in the great outdoors they’ll take about three years. Mule Bar aren’t suggesting it’s alright to litter in the countryside, here at Bikemagic we’re fiercly against dropping energy bar wrappers on the trail, and urge people to take their rubbish home with them. This is a step forward for wrappers that have currently been unrecyclable.

Seven flavours are available including Liquorice Allsports, Pinacolada, Chocolate Fig Fiesta, Mango Tango, Summer Pudding, Apple Strudel and Hunza Nut, but currently only Hunza Nut and Apple Strudel are available with the new wrappers.