Jimmy’s Choc Orange is the latest flavour in the Mule Bar energy bar range, it's a very tasty chocolate snack packed with Fairtrade ingredients and a 17.5g carbohydrate punch.

Mule Bar Jimmy’s Choc Orange energy bar is the latest flavour in the range.

I’ve long been a fan of Mule Bar’s range of energy bars, chiefly because they taste very nice and are easy on the stomach. This latest flavour is their best yet though. Like their existing flavours (Chocolate Fig Fiesta, Hunza Nut, Liquorice Allsport, Mango Tango, Pinacolada, Strudel and Summer Pudding) it’s made with Fairtrade ingredients and is wrapped in their unique compostable wrapper.

The 56g bar offers 17.5g of carbohydrate and 194 calories, with just 2.2g of fat. The main ingredient is rice syrup and there’s also raisins, oatmeal, mixed peel, whey protein and dark chocolate in each. The raisins are fully Fairtrade approved and are grown in Afghanistan.

As an energy source then the Mule Bar is very good, it gives you a rapid energy boost shortly after consumption. It’s a very easy bar to eat, is soft and chewy and easily digested, and the compact size makes it easy to fit in your hydration pack. There are loads of energy bars on the market but few are as easy to eat or tasty as this latest flavour from Mule Bar.

The compostable wrapper, first introduced in 2011, made from wood pulp, a renewable resource, which originates from non-genetically modified sources that have certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).. You can compost them at home and don’t worry, the process only begins with the right warmth, moisture and presence of micro-organisms. So they’ll stay in good condition in your kitchen cupboard.

The bars cost £1.50 each or you can buy a box of 12 for £17.99 or a box of 24 for £36.99.


Friendly on your taste buds, your stomach and the environment.


Fairtrade ingredients

Compostable wrapper




Web: www.mulebar.com

Price: £1.50

What Mule Bar says:

This is it - the one the only, the greatest tasting bar we've done so far. It's smooth, melts in your mouth and not in your hand and it gives the usual MuleBar kick of energy. This is another, like eventually all our bars, in a decompostable wrapper and this recipe will make Delia, Gordon and even Ferran reach for their cheat sheets:. It's got Fairtrade chocolate blended with anti-ox rich orange (and lemon) peel and this gives a massive zing and lift. We defy you not to leave your old kitkat behind and move on to Jimmy's Choc Orange. The bells of St Clements were right, they just forgot the chocolate.