Mountain Bike Repair and Maintenance DVD

Bike maintenance - to many, nothing to be overly concerned with. But for some, and I include myself here, keeping your bike running as smooth as the day it left the bike shop can be a slightly tricky, sometimes annoying, task.

While there are plenty of bike setup and maintenance books propping up the shelves at most well-stocked book shops, perhaps the best way to learn the art of correctly indexing your gears, removing a bottom bracket or fixing a puncture is to learn from somebody physically showing you the ropes.

That’s the USP of the recently released Mountain Bike Repair and Maintenance DVD, a 60 minute film that shows, in clear and easy to follow steps, the fundamentals to a smooth running bike. From fixing punctures, replacing chains, brake pads, cassettes, setting up gears and truing wheels, all the importance aspects of a MTB are covered.

Available from (and some other well known online retailers besides), for £19.99, though a Christmas promotion means it’ll cost just £12.99. Watch out for a full review soon.