Moon Mask 5 Front Light 1

Written by Toby Orton

The Moon Mask 5 is a great value front light with fuss-free mounting and a beam whose strength belies its compact size.

What they say: This 5 LED front light comes with 5 Nichia LED's that provide fantastic light output from a compact unit. Fully rechargeable via USB connection to PC or Mac.

What it is: With so many lights on the market it can be difficult to select the one that has everything you want. But with a past littered with lighting let downs, the Moon Mask 5 has put an end to my mid-ride blackouts.

Moon Mask 5 Front Light 2

Suitable for commuting, mountain biking and road riding, anybody will find the simple rubber mounting fastener a pleasure to pop on and off. The strap extends to fit comfortably around even the chunkiest bars, a feature that some lights inexplicably struggle with – yes; I’m looking at you Knog Boomer. Along with the ease with which it’s attached, the compact size and weight mean the Moon Mask 5 will go unnoticed in even the slimmest set of slacks if you’re out and about riding casually.

Who it’s good for: There is enough quality packed into this light to put it in a class above the under-£30 price point at which it generally sells. It is a great value, super bright light that attaches like a dream.