Washing the bike after a ride is never the most enjoyable task, but is one made all the more tricky if you’re some place that doesn’t offer a handy jet wash.

A mobile jet wash is the answer, and the Mobi is the latest to hit the market. It plugs into a car’s 12V port and moves the 15 litres of water it can store in variable pressures to suit the muddiness of your bike.

It also features a 240V mains adaptor meaning you can use it at home in your garage/garden too. An ‘Anti Lag System’ retains pressure in the hose through hi-tech pressure sensors so it’s always ready to wash.

Mobi is a new brand hailing for Poole, Dorset and the team set about creating the Mobi because the team were “…tired of not being able to easily clean our mucky stuff on the fly."

Mobi costs £99.99. Find out more at