As well as its popular navigation/mapping software, Memory-Map has been selling GPS receivers and accessories for some time. And now its bundling everything together in a handy one-box GPS Navigation Kit.

The idea is to furnish you with everything you need in one handy package. So the kit includes a compact Garmin eTrex GPS receiver, Memory-Map V5 software covering Britain's National Parks (which will put mapping on your PC, Pocket PC or Smartphone), an interface cable to connect the GPS to your PC and a pack of Toughprint waterproof paper. Buy all that lot separately and you'd be looking at over £170, which makes the £143 asking price look very reasonable.

The Navigation Kit will be available in a number of actual real shops, mostly of the outdoor persuasion: Cotswold, Tiso, Ellis Brighams, Snow and Rock, Blacks, George Fishers of Keswick, Gaynors in Ambleside and LD Mountain Centre. Or have a gander at