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Chrome Krakow Laptop Bag - £120

Chrome bags are everywhere in cycling, especially in London – and it’s for a good reason. They’ve been producing high quality messenger bags for more than 15 years with messengers, commuters and hipsters alike all display the signature Chrome messenger bag belt buckle.

In the past few years, Chrome expanded their range to include more technical shoulder strap bags like the Krakow. The Krakow is perfect for the cyclist looking to securely carry a laptop, tools, lock and other daily essentials in a small, breathable backpack.

The Krakow is a daypack with an integrated laptop compartment and a large front pocket. Its L-style zip allows quick sideward access and it’s industrial strength metal strap buckles provide quick and solid adjustment.


If you’re looking to for a bag that will last (my Chrome Citizen is still going strong after three years) and that’s designed securely carry a laptop and a few daily essentials, you’d be hard pushed to find better than the Krakow.

Available in the UK through Shiner Distribution -