Keeping everything organised when you go riding is more than just a smart idea, it's essential if you're ever to get out the front door before the light has faded.

It's no surprise then that we're fans of 'luggage solutions' here at Bikemagic and these two nifty products, freshly arrived from Lezyne, look the business. Not only are they designed to ensure everything is ready to go, but they are also designed to protect your more valuable items like the expensive phone and car keys from drowning.

The Lezyne Caddy Sack and Smart Wallet Elite both reside within the company's 'micro luggage' range, which also includes saddlebags. With hydration packs the favoured method of carrying water, food, spares and tools for mountain bikers, saddlebags are pretty redundant. But these two small wallets are very much spot on for the needs of most cyclists.


Let's talk about the Caddy Sack (above) first. OK, so there's not all that much to discuss. It's a water resistant pouch with a tough zipper. It fits inside a jersey pocket or slips into a backpack. It costs £8.99.

But remember back to the many occasions you've got home after a wet and muddy ride, only to find your phone, wallet etc have taken a soaking. Not a nice thing to find is it. The Caddy Sack avoids this by packing your expensive/important possessions into a waterproof bag. Sometimes it's the simple ideas that are the best.


Next is the more organised Smart Wallet Elite. It's a step up both in price, £24.99, and ambition to organise your belongings. Open the small waterproof case and inside are designated pockets for a multi-tool, patches, tyre leers and money. A neat clear plastic, which acts as a central partition, is big enough for a smartphone, so will keep your expensive phone well protected.

So it's ideal for keeping all the bits you need on a ride in case of an emergency, meaning more time riding and less trying to find the multi-tool after your last ride. And keeps your phone protected.

Yes, there are cheaper ways of organising your stuff that needs organising, but there's few as neat and well designed for the job as these offerings from Lezyne. Well thought out and well executed products that are ideal for winter riding. We approve.

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