Written by Josh Mott.

A one-fits-all helmet that outperforms many of its higher priced rivals.

Price: £69.99

What they say: The uni-size Lazer O2 fits any head size from 53cm to 61cm, features a Rollsys ventilation system and has 24 vents and at £69.99 forms the entry-level band of the Lazer road helmet range.

The Belgian company has somewhat been overshadowed in recent years, as others in the highly competitive road helmet market have moved in for the kill. However, their highly competitive and high-performing range is more than adequate in protecting riders’ intellect.

The Lazer O2’s one size fits all design means it sits slightly lower on the rider’s head than sized helmets tend to. This does mean that it offers more protection to the temples and forehead than an average helmet, but when in the drops it often slips down into the rider’s peripheral vision. Despite this, the O2 is exceedingly comfortable and its lack of finer-tuned sizing is barely noticeable.

Uni-sizing also means the O2 is slightly weightier than average performance helmet at 280 grams. This is barely noticeable on short or average length rides but on daylong extravaganzas the extra weight at the back of the helmet can put added stress on the rider’s neck.

The adjustability of the O2 is fantastic. The Rollsys wheel at the rear of the O2 allows for easy and symmetrical adjustment, especially while riding along. The wheel also fits nicely into the O2’s sleek and compact 24-vent design. Available in nine colours, the O2 has an option to suite every task and fit with any cycling ensemble. An aero-shell is also available.

Despite the Lazer O2’s position towards the entry-level end of the helmet market its airflow and protective structuring are very impressive, keeping the rider’s head cool in even the sweltering riding conditions.

Who it’s for: The Lazer O2 is ideal for anyone looking to get into road cycling or someone who wants a stylish, adjustable and comfortable lid for commuting. Despite any issues that may come with the uni-sizing, it is a welcome feature for a helmet that goes above and beyond most of its entry-level competition.