Tri Carb Sticks the latest energy offering from Kinetica
Gels have also been added to the range

The latest products from Kinetica, Tri Carb Sticks and Energy Gels, have just been released.

The company, which if you’ve not heard of them before has in actual fact been around for over 30 years producing energy products for a range of sports, has recently moved into the cycle sector. All the products use natural ingredients and they boldly claim that they’re 100% traceable from cow to can!

Based on our first impressions, which you can read here, we’ve been impressed, and the latest additions announced this week look to bolster the range nicely.

The Tri Carb Sticks are designed to make it easier to replenish energy levels during a race or enduro, and is an isotonic drink enhanced with B vitamins for energy metabolism, Fenugreek fibre and bitter melon extract to help regulate blood sugar levels. The green tea, bilberry extract and alpha lipoic acid all act as antioxidants, making them ideal for any kind of endurance sports or activities.

Kinetica’s Energy Gels use an easily absorbed tri carb blend with additional natural, high quality sea salt to maintain hydration. They replenish energy levels quickly providing essential rehydration on the move.

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