The Karrimor X-lite 2+2 is a simple, well made and affordable pack that is the ideal size for an endurance race or short ride, with two-litre water capacity, and two litres of storage.

The Karrimor X-Lite 2+2 held my energy bars, phone, waterproof and base layer plus water for a five-hour race, while removing any temptation to carry unnecessary stuff.

It was comfortable, without the need for wearing-in, and did not feel sweaty against my back.

However, it’s rather ‘lite’ on features. There’s no handle on the bladder, so filling it was tricky. There’s also no way of attaching the pipe to your chest such as the magnet increasingly found on other hydration packs. That leaves the annoying choice of trying to tuck it away between drinks, or having it smack you in the face.

Karrimor X-Lite 2+2 hydration pack

The “RCT back system -- refuel chassis technology", as described in the blurb, means what exactly? All right, it’s marketing, but it’d be nice if there were some indication of what this is supposed to be.

Out on the mountain, it kept me supplied with slightly grim-tasting water - typical of a standard Microban bladder - despite a disconcerting kink in the water pipe. The loop for a rear light and reflective trim came in handy for the ride home at dusk.


Front zip pocket and key clip

RCT back system, bladder included

self-close bladder sleeve

removable waist belt

light holder clip loop

front bungee and chest strap

Approx weight: 500g / 380g (stripped)

Back height: 52cm


Does the job, but lack of simple ‘thoughtful’ features could bug you after a while or if you are stressing pre-race.






Snazzy colour


No handle on bladder

No water pipe attachment on chest

Slightly antiseptic-tasting water

More info: Karrimor X Lite 2 Plus 2 Backpack

Weight: 500g

Price: £40