The importance of keeping your chain well lubed doesn't need to be said, but it's worth remembering, especially with the current weather throwing all manner of gloop at your bike's drivetrain.

Juice Lubes Ceramic Chain Lube

Juice Lubes have been going a few years now and offer a nice range of products, from cleaners to degreasers and chain lubes. Ceramic Chain Lube uses state-of-the-art synthetic lubricant technology with ceramic boron nitride, so you can be confident your chain is getting the best sort of treatment it's possible to get.

It works by building a ceramic coating on the surface of the chain, and fluoropolymers give a non-stick finish. It's pretty hard wearing and runs smooth and importantly delivers a quiet drivetrain. It also does well to resist grime and muck building up on the chain, so you're not dragging half the trail around with you.

Application is easy with the twist nozzle that lets you modulate the flow easily. Like Clean Ride the chain needs to be thoroughly cleaned before you let loose. The consistency makes it reasonably easy to apply, with the excess wiped away with a rag leaving a good covering of lube on the chain.


Ceramic lubes cope better in a wider range of conditions, including damp weather, making them a good choice for the constantly changing British weather. The ceramic coating produces a very low friction coating that noticeably makes the drivetrain quiet, and longevity is impressive.

£9.99 for a 100ml bottle -