Then it's on to adding a bit of style, with hip jumps, MX whips, X-ups and things which Cowan makes look very easy indeed. The next stage of the progression is taking various limbs away from the bike in flight and then there's advanced stuff like 360s to finish off.It's all presented in an encouraging and relaxed style by Cowan, with jumps shot from different angles and run in slow-motion so you can see what's going on. He doesn't make it sound like rocket science but he doesn't attempt to pretend that it's easy either. The DVD format lets you easily find particular tricks, and the production values are high. Occasionally we got an arbitrarily loud bit of soundtrack but that's just a niggle.

Being a DVD, there are of course sundry extras, including a John Cowan interview and an impressive gallery of still photos of the man in action.

Positives: Gets you started in the right direction with a logical progression.

Negatives: Quite pricey

Verdict: We'd like to see more instructional videos to this standard. Well, we'd like to see more generally, but preferably this good. It's very well put together, and our only real criticism is that it seems a bit expensive at the same price as (longer) freeride vids. But if you want to learn to jump it's a great starting point.