The new Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet was on show at the Fishers Expo (UK distributor for Troy Lee, SRAM etc.) and was centre stage on the wall display. You couldn't miss it with the gold flake paint job!

Ever since spy shots started appearing on other websites the new trail lid has created quite a stir on the internet as the fastest brand in racing entered into a whole new section of the helmet market.

I don't think this will set the world on fire, but I sure do like the look and feel of the A1. The fit is claimed to feel very similar to that of a full face, in how the sides of the helmet feel against your noggin. You do feel very 'in' when wearing it.


The colour way here is incredibly loud - but there have been spy shots of TLD making one for pro golfer Ricki Fowler, that orange looks great and would be a bit more subtle when you're out flowing some nice singletrack in the summer.

Simple retention system.

In terms of price, it's going to make a bit more of a dent in your wallet - the US MRSP is $160, so just over £100 if you do a straight conversion but there are import taxes etc. so don't take this as verbatim. I don't think price is an issue here as you are paying for Troy Lee quality which is a premium brand and comes with a great deal of heritage in protection.

Other things on show at the Fishers Expo were the Ruckus shorts and jerseys. The shorts look good, lightweight and they've taken a few pockets out of the new model. The Ace jersey is a more classic cycling top, with 3 pockets on the rear and a closer fit the the trail riding ruckus range.

Ruckus cyclops jersey - a bit eye catching this design...

Check out the gallery below for more detailed pictures and the helmet and clothing, should be in shops soonish for you to part your cash with.

Troy Lee Designs