Kask Helmet 1

Written by Toby Orton

The Kask Mojito Helmet is a lightweight, performance road helmet with superb comfort and fit.

What they say: An all-Italian road helmet made with Kask's signature styling and workmanship.

What it is: Look around and you’ll notice that we don’t all have the same shape head. When it comes to finding helmets for our mismatched domes, fit is about the most important thing to remember – bearing in mind that all mid to top of the range products will offer similar levels of protection. Combining streamlined good looks and a fit that hugs the head, Italian brand Kask’s Mojito helmet is hard to beat.

Kask Helmet 2

Any helmet will leave your head sweating but the Kask Mojito does its best to promote airflow and aerodynamics with its 26 well-placed vents. The padding inside soaks up a large amount of moisture saving your eyes from sweat. There is nothing worse than pulling on a helmet sodden with sweat, so the quick drying – and sanitized – padding is particularly welcome.

To say you hardly notice it’s there is probably straying into hyperbole territory but the Kask Mojito is as comfortable a helmet as I’ve worn. Some people might miss the presence of a visor but the more streamlined look is a personal preference.

Who it’s good for: The Kask Mojito covers all the bases with its comfortable fit, weight and standard safety features. What’s more, it looks good, which means it should appeal to any road rider or commuter who attaches a little vanity to their headgear.