This fascinating guidebook is a must for all recreational access users and highlights the hidden network surrounding Alston, the highest market town in England. This is not a 'turn right at the gate, turn left at the tree' guidebook.

Anyone glancing at the Ordnance Survey map might be excused for thinking there are few rights of way available to cyclists, motorists and horseriders; even for walkers in some places. The reason, of course, is because most of what exists is almost invisible unless you have done a fair bit of homework first.

This guidebook was written by Alan Kind, editor of journal of the Byways & Bridleways Trust, specialist in ancient highways - law and history. A regular cyclist and walker in the North Pennines, Alan has written this book requiring the reader to plot the old roads on to an Ordnance Survey map, supplying fascinating historical background and details that no simple map alone can provide.

Most access users are not only interested in riding England's network of ancient roads but also the origins of roads which were once used as major thoroughfares by carriages and packhorses. This guidebook is a 'must' for anyone intending to explore the countryside around Alston Moor.

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